We make early-stage investments
in companies leading this decade of software and sustainability redefining
every industry.

Opportunity   →

European companies using software to redefine aspects of our personal and professional lives.

With digital technologies present at almost all times, all aspects of our personal and professional lives are redefined faster and more sustainably than ever before.

Patterns, boundaries and relationships that form today’s world will be reevaluated and replaced by technology-based interconnections in the next decades.

Human factors – curiosity, empathy and creativity – will be crucial in positively shaping this change, and the best possible future world.

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Approach   →

A trusted long-term partner from the early days.

Cusp Capital invests in early stages after market entry  with active follow-on across growth cycles and works with portfolio companies on evolving their strategic narratives and the organizational foundations underneath.

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Experience   →

We've been investing and supporting companies which have redefined global markets and business models for more than a decade.

– how we shop for fashion or order food, how large volumes of data gets processed in real-time, how small to large merchants receive payments or how we invest for a better future to just name a few. 

We are as excited about the companies and developments we are seeing today and each new investment we make.

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Team   →

Coming from various backgrounds, our team combines the experiences of investors and operators.

Allowing us to simultaneously work on the strategic narratives as well as the organizational foundations of the companies we invest in.

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Thinking | Notes →

Industry-Specific Operating Systems (#ISOS) will empower a new era of SME businesses.

The third wave of integrated software flips the SME-Enterprise power dynamic on its head.

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Online offerings for lower-income consumers are a trillion Euro opportunity.

Mostly ignored by many services and products today, a for lower-income consumers online a golden decade lies ahead.

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We love working with Marty Neumeier's "Onliness Statement".

The pen is mightier than the sword. Picking it up to forge your Onliness Statement you may change to truly be radically different.

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Digital and sustainability will join forces to disrupt markets and the way people live.

Companies at the intersection of digital and sustainability will shape what Carlota Perez calls "the golden age of the digital revolution".

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Cusp Capital is a venture capital firm combining research enthusiasm with investment experience to identify European companies which use the power of digital technologies to redefine aspects of our personal and professional lives. Investing throughout their growth cycles, we support our portfolio companies in evolving their strategic narratives as well as the organizational foundations underneath.