Our name – Cusp Capital Partners – comprises the three key elements of our mindset.

Why Cusp Capital Partners?

The name expresses our core belief: A Cusp, Capital and Partners are vital for a company's success. And all three characterize our collaboration with companies.

On the Cusp

We seek companies that are on the cusp — of history and their own success.

We partner with companies that are on the cusp in two ways. First, they spark, accelerate or follow a techno-economic inflection point. And second, they are on the cusp of succeeding in their very own historic endeavor. They are about to lift off, past the seed stage where their rocket ship is still in production and before C & D rounds when it has reached cruising altitude.

History does not merely creep from one paradigm to the next; it leaps. The transition from one period to the next is a point of unparalleled potential. At this cusp the logic of the future is born.

With Capital

Capital — financial, intellectual and human — powers companies on the cusp.

Capital is more than money. It is all that companies on the cusp need to make a leap.

Cusps are giants. Being, building or climbing them requires both expertise and energy. At Cusp Capital we pride ourselves in being a source of potent capital — financial, intellectual and human. We not only provide ample firepower but also expertise in building organizational foundations and a network of opportunity.

And Partners

We are trusted partners to all pioneers.

It takes trusted collaboration to win big challenges. At Cusp Capital we are partners not just to our own investors, but to all stakeholders of our investments. We furthermore extend our integrity to the leaders, teams, customers. Our decisions not only consider short-term profit but also long-term environmental, social and governance payoffs.

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Our name – Cusp Capital Partners – comprises the three key elements of our mindset.

Companies on the cusp of breakout success. Financial, intellectual and human capital. Trusted partners.

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Cusp Capital is a venture capital firm combining research enthusiasm with investment experience to identify European companies which use the power of digital technologies to redefine aspects of our personal and professional lives. Investing throughout their growth cycles, we support our portfolio companies in evolving their strategic narratives as well as the organizational foundations underneath.