Combining an extensive experience across markets, sectors and stages with an enduring dedication to understand the changes in our private and professional lives, we focus on evolving the strategic narratives and organizational foundations of the companies we invest in.

What drives and distinguishes us   →

Research enthusiasm

We are passionate about identifying and understanding socio-economic and technological inflection points. With continuous research we form beliefs and expertise on trends and their enablers and drivers.

The insights created help us to sense the potential of companies in early stages, and to work with selected companies on leveraging the potentials around them.

Investment experience

As investors and entrepreneurs we’ve worked across geographies, industries and cycles, going through highs and lows.

The companies we work with can draw on the network and experience gained from partnering with over 60 companies, countless financing rounds, multiple trade sales and 6 IPOs.

What we offer to companies we work with   →


The ability to accurately articulate a vision to relevant stakeholders is decisive for the success of a company. Recruiting early employees, winning first customers, raising capital, to IPO – it’s the narratives that transform ideas into businesses, and businesses into great companies. We put expertise and work into evolving the strategic narratives of the companies we invest in.

Organizational foundations

Organizational foundations are the backbone of growth. There is nothing more frustrating than seeing companies striving on the product level, but failing at building organizational foundations.

We have worked in various operational functions ourselves and accompanied more than 50 early stage companies. We contribute this experience in our work with portfolio companies to build organizational foundations in HR, Finance and Legal ready for growth.

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Cusp Capital is a venture capital firm combining research enthusiasm with investment experience to identify European companies which use the power of digital technologies to redefine aspects of our personal and professional lives. Investing throughout their growth cycles, we support our portfolio companies in evolving their strategic narratives as well as the organizational foundations underneath.